Monday, June 17, 2013

Vession Must Die

Vessio Must Die


When I found out what you were,

I was upset, I panicked, I cried until I was sick.

I couldn’t run away from reality,

So I put six bullets in my gun,

To kill every one of your split-personalities.


Opening each door, one by one,

Unsure where you are today,

Your mind is a mystery to me,

Playing games every day just

Cause you can’t admit it to yourself,

Just cause you don’t believe the truth


That there exists a sick man in your head,

One that does not seek love or compassion,

But one that just wants to destroy

And create chaos for you and your family.


But, as the bullet travels closer to your head,

You repent and ask for forgiveness,

You tell me you’re so sorry,

But, all the love for you is gone,

And I have no problem with taking you out now.


Going online and creating

Another facebook personality,

Just cause you’re latest victim

Rejected you’re original personality.

It’s an obsessive habit you have,

You don’t know how distraught you are,

You have no idea how much damage you’ve done,

Until death is upon you,

And by then it’s too late.


You should know by now

After going out with me,

There are consequences of

Breaking the heart of a gangsta.

There is a whole world of hurt

I am going to cause you now

That you screwed me over

Worse than anyone has before.


If you’re wondering if

I’m crazy baby,

Then yes I am!!!

I’m as psycho as you made me.

If you’re wondering if I’m

Still in love baby,

Then yes, I am,

That’s why I have to make sure,

No one else gets hurt by you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Disappearance Of My Teddy Bear

The Disappearance Of My Teddy Bear

You were always my hero,
Always smiling and behaving childish,
Texting me all the time,
And calling me
While you were intoxicated.

We started out as friends,
Then it became more intense,
We had similar struggles,
Similar minds,
And I began to fall in love.
We fell in love together.

But, then you disappeared,
And, I felt like I couldn’t go on,
Wondering why you would leave me
So suddenly.

But, then it occurred to me,
Something awful could have happened to you.
You could be incarcerated; you could be in a coma,
You could have been kidnapped,
For all I know you could be dead.
Oh, tell me please,
What happened to my teddy bear?

I took it upon myself
To go out and look for you.
But, you were always so distant,
I didn’t know where to begin.

I checked for you online,
And you were nowhere in sight.
I checked you’re phone number,
And you were not there at all.
So finally, I checked the obituaries
And you were not listed.

The longer I went without you,
The worse the pain was.
I felt like giving up at one time,
But, I had to remember
That you have a life as well,
so I let you be for a while.


One night I was dreaming about our future together,
And I saw us making love,
And holding each other so tight,
And after I realized it was only a dream,
I began to cry,
Because my teddy bear was still missing.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spanish Boys

Spanish Boys




There's something fascinating about you,

the way you always look back at me,

like there's something more you want to know,

your curiosity about what’s on my mind

has got my heart opening up to the possibilities.


We could start a fire together,

and fall in love with each other,

You and me could be like brothers,

and always cover for one another.


I just can't get enough

of those luscious latino nuts,

one taste and I was hooked for life.

I'm forever in love

with them Spanish boys.


.When you talk to me

in that opinionated accent,

and give me subtle hints

as to what it is you really want.

It's enough to make me weak in the knees,

And I want to tell you how I feel,

but I'm so fearful over losing you baby.


We could start a fire together,

and fall in love with each other.

You and me could be like brothers,

and always cover for one another.


I just can't get enough of your eyes,

One look and I was memorized for life,

One taste of those fat, juicy lips

has left me wanting more and more of you,

my love.


Ohhhh baby, rose petals

leading to our bedroom,

Champaign, fruit,

and a little smirk on your face,

I know you're the one I want to be with,

you pull me close to you,

kiss me on the lips,

and ask me if I'm ready,

and I say the words I do!


I just can't get enough of you,

you have me bouncing off the walls,

singing songs of joy forever.

You and me met each other for a reason,

And now all I want is to lie next to you,

and hold you for the rest of my life.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever

It had been such a long, long time
Since I was romantic towards you.
And, I was so excited to see your face,
kiss those cheeks,
and hold you once again.

                                                            When we had our date again,          
It started out fun and romantic,
But, then it turned psychotic,
And I found myself in a panic
To leave your home,
And be free from you at last.

I was disappointed just a little bit,
when I realized the man I used to adore
was going down-hill in life.
Always onrey, and possibly depressed in life,
and gaining more weight than what was healthy.

It's possible I was wrong about you all along,
But I once thought you were more of a role model,
But now all I see is someone who is selling out,
and can't find a way to cope with life anymore.

The next morning,
I had a bad taste in my mouth.
Got sick for days upon days,
Went to the doctor,
and he told me that
I had strep throat.

I was shaking, shivering cold,
as I walked throughout my house.
My head was burning,
Burning up in flames,
flames of revenge,
I felt I needed to take
                                                                         Against you.                


I'm not going to let this chip sit on my shoulder,
Even Step Throat goes away eventually,
But, I just want to ask Joshua?
At what point, did you lose your humanity?
At what point, did you lose your class, self-respect,
and sense of fun?
I guess this is the end between you and I.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sad Days

Sad Days

Watching for you from the corner of my eye,
All the time, 24/7, non-stop.
I’m more paranoid than ever,
Cause of the damage we’ve done to each other.

The stakes are high,
The adrenaline flows,
The drama continues,
A part of me wants it to end,
But most of me wants it to continue,
Cause it gives me a rush…

Chorus 1:
An innocent little accident
To my worst enemy
Can be my very best friend.
You pushing me down the stairs
Did not break me, or deform me,
It only turned me into a monster.

Feel so guilty over what I’ve done,
I was paid to commit the crime
Against humanity.
It wasn’t just for the money,
You destroyed my friends, my family,
My career, my everything…
I had to make the best move possible.

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Chorus #2:
An innocent little accident
To my worst enemy
Can be my very best friend.
But, I feel I have only motivated
You to take revenge against me,
And the same old thing keeps continuing,
It keeps going, the pressure never stops,
The pain never comes to an end!

It fills me with such regret,
A feeling of melancholy
When I think of how it could have been,
And how you cast me out of your life.

Sad days when you think of how we used to be friends,
And how we insist on hurting each other now.
Its sad days when you feel it’s spiraling out of control,
And you just can’t stop yourself from sinking your teeth in.

I think back to the days when we would walk together in the sun,
And, even when our life’s were depressing as hell,
We at least had the comfort of each other’s friendship
To keep us more balanced in life.

Now, you and I have nothing,
But pain repressed deep within’ our souls.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Revenge Of The Exhibitionist

Revenge Of The Exhibitionist

I've always been rebellious,
Always paved my own path
in life, rather than following
Foot-steps in the snow.
I've been criticized a lot
By narrow-minded folks
who don't understand
what it's like to always
hold your feelings inside.

But, I'm not that little boy anymore,
I am man who's bent on getting his revenge.
There's too many chips on my shoulder,
for me to be silent about the world anymore.

Chorus 1:
Taking off my clothes just to gain your attention
like a stripper at a night-club,
I've got you on my mind,
and I'm never going to let you escape my love now.

Maybe it's just psychological,
but people have always looked at me funny.
They whisper to each other,
right in front of my face,
like I don't know who
what and where
they're talking about.
I think it's insecurity,
because they know
I'm better than them.

I've warned you before those who are quiet,
are apt to explode before your eyes,
and once that happens,
there is no turning back the clock.

Chorus 2:
Taking off my clothes just to gain your attention,
like a stripper at a night-club.
I've got you on my mind,
and I'm never going to let you escape my love now.
Setting outrageous fires as I get my revenge
against those who broke my heart,

All those who laughed at me,
and said it couldn't be done,
They're all on the run now...

You were all fools to think
I'd always stay quiet, and innocent,
Cause once you have confidence again,
You can conquer the world!!!

Taking off my clothes just to gain your attention,
and I spread it across the web,
and you find it in your inbox the next day,
then I imagine you seeing me exposed,
and I get off, I get off,
all over myself.
That’s what I wanted all along.